During my pregnancy with my first child, I read every book and blog there was to help me prepare to become a new mom. I attended classes and consulted with every veteran mother I knew about hot topics like breastfeeding and what really is the best brand of diapers. With my birth plan typed, fully explaining my desire for a natural birth, I declared myself certified ready to become a parent. Well, one whirlwind labor and emergency Caesarian delivery later, I quickly learned things don’t always happen by the book, especially anything having to deal with babies. The idea of leaving the hospital where we were surrounded by an expert staff was quite frightening. So, when a nurse from Family Connects contacted me to come visit me and my newborn at home, I said yes without hesitation. It was so refreshing to see a kind face who could answer the millions of questions I’d thought up since leaving the hospital. My main concern was if my baby was feeding enough and after nurse Amy weighed her, not only did she confirm that our breastfeeding sessions were going well, but that my little one was rapidly growing! My baby is also very alert and curious for her young age so Amy told me some activities I could do with my daughter to help her brain grow as quickly as the rest of her body. Everyone loves our nurse so much even the family cat looks forward to her visits! Thank you Family Connects for making sure my baby and I got off to a great start!
— Cate R.
The home care received by your company was helpful in so many ways. Being a first time mother can be very scary, with lots of “firsts” questions and concerns. The care from my nurse was very professional, personal, and eased all my worries throughout the first few weeks at home. She was able to answer many questions, screen my newborns health and made the whole learning process easier. I would recommend your services to anyone expecting!
— Landis P.

Lidia was a second-time mom who was fairly new to the area.  Our nurse Amy, with the assistance of our Spanish interpreter Jesse, was able to provide Lidia with information about a local playgroup in the area.  Offering multiple weight checks, Amy reassured Lidia that her newborn son was gaining weight well and that she was doing a wonderful job breastfeeding!  Lidia had been concerned about her baby’s nasal congestion, so Amy was able to provide education regarding the use of saline drops and a bulb syringe to relieve congestion.  This helped Lidia spend less time worrying and spend more time enjoying little Sebastian!


Telma was a mom that needed some help getting her baby to breastfeed.  Our nurse Amber offered breastfeeding education and reassurance, and Amber also provided Telma with a thermometer, showing her how to take baby Kerri’s temperature. 

What mothers are saying about their Family Connects nurse home visit:

It was a very nice visit; I didn’t know that I was going to receive a visit like this right in the home - you know, it’s a comfortable environment. You ask questions that you want to. Then the nurse even called me a month or so after the visit just to ask me how I was doing. I thought it was really nice - and she told me what resources were available in the community.
I knew that someone was there for me - if I needed something I had someone on my side, someone to call.
She gave me a lot of information that helped me, like about where the baby should sleep and knowing how to check his temperature.
She helped me when I was depressed. During the visit she talked about different things that were really helpful. The visit really was a 10 out of 10.
The nurse was super helpful especially with support for lactation. At first I had been using nipple shields which were not comfortable, and so she helped me a lot with breastfeeding. You all do great work - thank you for everything you do.
They interacted with the baby a lot and showed me some things I can do to help with her development.
I had a great time with the nurse; she answered my questions really well. Since I didn’t have a crib, the nurse actually got the crib from the agency and brought it to me; it was really helpful and we’re using it now.
A big help! I like it because it was free; I can always give her a call whenever I had a question.
I liked that it was convenient and that she brought her scale with her, that we didn’t have to leave home each time to get the baby’s weight. And I liked that the nurse brought with her this great bag with resources, pamphlets - I remember looking through all of it and thinking it was great information to have. I think this is a great program and hope to have another visit with my next baby!
She was sweet - I knew I could talk to her. She did a good job and she made me feel comfortable. It was nice to have her answer my questions since this was my first baby.

Family Connects serves as my eyes and ears in the community. They make visits to homes, make assessments, followed by very appropriate recommendations and referrals. They weigh the babies, and text the weights to me. We then collaborate on follow up visits. They have supported many new breastfeeding mothers, who otherwise may not have continued to breastfeed. The nurses are incredibly caring. For instance, I got a text from a nurse who was visiting a newborn whose sibling was sick with vomiting and diarrhea, asking me for advice for the sibling. The mother had no transportation to access health care. I recommended oral rehydration therapy with Pedialyte, but the family had no money or transportation to get the Pedialyte. The Family Connects nurse purchased the Pedialyte with her own money and instructed the family on proper oral rehydration therapy, with a positive result.
— Dr. Clancy, Washington Pediatrics
Family Connects has helped us bridge the gap of care to our newborns and young infants. A referral to Family Connects is something that I have incorporated into all of the newborn visits, if it has not already been done. From the provider perspective, it really allows us to embrace the teamwork approach to medicine. It takes more than just routine office visits to educate parents and help take care of our patients. There are topics addressed by the Family Connects nurses that I am unable to address during a routine office visit due to time. I value all feedback I receive from the nurses, they promptly call or text with any concerns or updates on my patients and send a note about the visit, which I have scanned into the patient’s chart. For our patients, who transportation is an issue or who have other barriers to attending appointments, they are very grateful for weight checks that are able to be done in their homes and save them an office visit. It has allowed new mothers to settle into motherhood in their homes, with additional resources and support.
— Meredith Eiban, PA-C, Washington Pediatrics